Wednesday, May 29, 2013

WiP Wednesday - More Finishes

I have been on a roll the past two weeks trying to finish up my WiPs.

I did have 2 finishes this week - my improv log cabin pillow top that I made a few weeks back, and some plain pillow covers I've been meaning (for a LONG time) to make to revamp my living room couch.

Wonky Log pillow cover wm

The blue and green paisley/floral pillow behind the improv block pillow is one of the other pillow covers I made. 

My other WiPs worked on this week are:

I got MOST of the binding on my nephews quilt.  But when I had it all sewn on and ready to join the ends, I decided I didn't like how the fabrics were joining on that side (it is a scrappy binding and there was too much orange on the side where the ends were joining), so I have been doing a little unpicking and cutting and adding until I have it fixed a bit.  I will have that done by tonight.

I am just about done with snipping the rag edges on my son's Toy Story rag quilt.  I think I have one row of blocks and the outer edge to do and then I will be done.  Because it is hard on my hands, I only clip a few rows each night, hence the reason it has taken its time being completely finished!

And I had mentioned last week that I found a decade-old, unfinished baby blanket in a box in the garage and decided to throw a binding on it and get it finished and usable   

So while I was at Walmart one day, I stopped in their fabric section (since I had no plans to drive out to any other fabric stores for awhile) and found this pink floral in a tone pretty darn close to the pink in the quilt. 

 This is one of those "Get-It-Done" projects for me, so I was not picky about finding the "perfect" fabric.  And I think it cost me all of $1.28!  Not bad for a free blanket that has been long neglected!  I am just going to machine bind it, so this shouldn't take me much time to finish off once I sit down to do it.

I also finished up another block for the Virtual Quilting Bee at Diary of a Quilter.  This one is called "Going Dutch".

Sampler - Block 4

WiP's - 

2 finishes - Improv pillow and 2 plain pillow covers

Worked on: 
*Toy Story Blanket - All sewn, just need to finish clipping the seams.
*Baby Boy quilt - binding MOSTLY applied
*Discovered old baby blanket - binding made

 Not worked on:
Upcycyled Tees - 1 of 3 sewn
Denim Rag Quilt - not worked on

New WiPs (or WiPs pulled off the back burner!) -
None this week

2013 BOM's & Bees -

*Sister's 10 BOM blocks - Caught up!!
Virtual Quilting Bee blocks - 1 finished, 2 behind
Applique Quilt -  March fused but not appliqued, April & May blocks not started

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  1. Your pillow looks fantastic! I love the colors. It sounds like you had a productive week and will be posting lots of finishes next week :)

  2. The Toy Story quilt is adorable! My son has a love for that movie too! So sweet! Your pillows are so beautiful and inspiring me to revamp my pillows too!

  3. That old quilt looks familiar. Is it one I helped you tie way back when? I think that quilt block may just be my favorite yet.


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