Wednesday, February 13, 2013

WiP Wednesday

This week, I may have gotten a lot more cutting done than actual sewing. 
The only sewing I did was finishing my Susannah blocks from the Sisters 10 Modern BOM:
Sister's 10 Modern BOM (Feb) - Susannah 2Sister's 10 Modern BOM (Jan) - Susannah 1

 I cut the 16.5 inch background squares for my applique quilt, and bought the matching thread kit after much contemplation of how I wanted to do the appliqueing (either with matching thread, monofilament, or a neutral.)

I have also placed the applique pieces for the first (January's) block.
I also cut some of the fabric for a baby quilt for my new nephew due in April. My sister picked out the fabric while we were in Utah a few weeks ago.
It's an old Northcott baby collection (maybe 2010 or 2011?) called Baby Safari that was in the sale section, mixed with a little of the current "Bungle Jungle" by Moda, and this lovely yellow Denyse Schmidt pattern that I love!

 I'm still waiting for my sister to send me a couple extra cuts that I had her pick up after I got it all home and had a chance to look at it and decide how I wanted to put it together, so this won't be fully cut out and ready to go until after I get that package of fabric in the mail.

So that is what I have done this week.  I really want to try and focus on these three quilts for a bot before adding anything new into the mix.  We will see how I do.

Current WiP's worked on:

Spring Bouquet BOM applique quilt

Baby boy quilt

Sister's 10 BOM

Current WiP's not worked on:

Love Baby quilt

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

WiP Wednesday - Short and Sweet

I had a finish this week, not a quilt, but still a little sewing project.  A Neck/Shoulder Rice Bag for one of my BFF's (and Piper's Mom!)

neck roll folded
I also cut and just started sewing up my February blocks for the Sisters Ten Modern BOM.
And that's it.  That is all I've gotten done this week.  Granted, I'm kindof impressed with myself, considering how busy things have been, an how hard it was to transition 3 boys (and myself!) back to East Coast time and schedule after we got back from Utah a week ago.
On my agenda this week is to finish my Sisters 10 blocks, and quilt and finish my Amy Butler baby quilt.  That has GOT to get finished an home to its intended owner!
Everything else is off the table to be re-evaluated after I get my quilt finished.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Warming Neck/Shoulder Rice Bag

One of my best friends started working full-time again recently.  Apparently, the transition has not been nice for her neck and shoulders because a few weeks ago she asked if I could make her a warming rice bag.
I have made rice bags to use as foot warmers before, but I knew just what I should make for her situation. I hopped online and found the perfect tutorial here (even though in all honesty, you really don't need a tutorial or is simply a tube of fabric filled with rice and sewn up!)
neck roll
neck roll flat
Of course, I did a few things differently, but barely.  I divided mine into 6 sections, and after a little trial and error (because sewing next to a pile of rice is a little tricky) decided that pinning the sections closed horizontally and pushing the rice back toward the newly sewn end as I went was WAY easier than how it is shown in the tutorial.
I also pieced both a front and back section and sewed them together rather than folding one wider piece of fabric in half.
neck roll folded

The fabric is from my poor baby quilt that is still waiting (rather impatiently) to be quilted and finished. I had cut quite a few extra pieces when I was working on the quilt top, so it was fast and easy to just sew a few of those leftover pieces together to make this.   
I love it so much, I think I will eventually make one for myself.
Neck roll neck
My son loves it too, as you can see.  After modeling it for me, he asked where his was!  I'm thinking a few of these might end up on my Christmas gift-making list this year.