Monday, June 3, 2013

Finish - Toy Story Rag Quilt

I started this little quilt on a whim.

FInn rag drape

When my twins were two, they loved the Toy Story movies.  They also needed larger blankets and I didn't have time to make them actual quilts, so I bought some Toy Story flannel and quickly tied two whole cloth  blankets for them.  

Fast forward two years and now my third boy, Finn, is two and  LOVES Toy Story!

Go figure.

So while I was digging around in my fabric one day, I came across not only the leftover Toy Story flannel, but the leftover flannel squares from a previous rag quilt I had made last year as a baby gift for a friend.

They happened to match each other perfectly.  

So I decided it was meant to be.  My two-year-old needed a Toy Story blanket of his very own.


This one is a little different that my previous baby rag quilt:

-It is smaller - more like a cuddle blanket for my kid to easily carry around.
-I used flannel as the middle layer instead of batting to make it lighter and easier to carry.

-I added an appliqued name strip

Finn Rag

Finn rag back

\Finn rag roll

Quilt Stats:
3 layers of various cotton flannel
raw-edge applique
rag construction
Started and finished: May 2013

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