Wednesday, May 15, 2013

WiP Wednesday - 2 Down and How Many to Go??

The only thing I have to show for this week are my two finished April blocks for the Sister's Ten Modern BOM.  

Sister's Ten Modern BOM (April) - Lady of the LakeSister's Ten Modern BOM (April ) - Lady of the Lake

Yes, the April blocks. Which means I still have my May blocks to complete.  And I am not caught up on my Virtual Bee blocks, being 2 behind. Or my applique quilt blocks, now being 3 behind on that one.

In terms of statistics, that means I have 2 down and 7 to go to be caught up with all my BOM's.

Anyway, I did two different versions of this block on purpose to see which one I liked better.  I made a monochrome version, and one with contrast.  Personally, I like the purple monochrome version the best.  My husband on the other hand, who rarely offers an opinion on my quilting, liked the aqua one the best.  Go figure.

Other than that, I have about half of my Love baby quilt basted.  In my defense, we decided to go to D.C. for Mother's Day weekend, so I lost all my prime sewing time to that much more exciting adventure :)

WiP's - no finishes (Again!)

Worked on: 
*Love baby quilt - Binding half sewn on the back
*Toy Story Blanket - All the squares sandwiched and x's sewn

 Not worked on:
Baby Boy quilt - just waiting to be bound!

Improv Log Cabin Pillow - Not worked on

 Upcycyled Tees - 1 of 3 sewn
Denim Rag Quilt - not worked on

2013 BOM's & Bees -
*Sister's 10 BOM blocks - April blocks finished, May not completed

Virtual Quilting Bee blocks - 2nd April block to complete, 1st May block to complete

Applique Quilt -  March fused but not appliqued, April block - picked up, but not worked on, May block not picked up

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  1. oo- I like your fabric choices for the April blocks. Good luck catching up of your blocks. :) Luckily, the May block is really simple.

  2. Gorgeous blocks and the fabric is scrumptious!

  3. I love the April blocks. I have to agree with your hubby and I like the aqua one better but they are both fabulous. Good luck catching up!


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