Wednesday, May 23, 2012

WiP Wednesday #9

First off, I just want to say how much I have enjoyed looking at all the quilts that were submitted to the Blogger's Quilt Festival this past weekend!  I have truly been inspired.

And thank you to those that took the time to come check out my little offering. :)

Now onto WiP's!

The only thing I worked on this week was my Swoon Mini quilt. 

Borders added

I got the borders pieced and sewn on.  Pretty, huh?? 

I was going to try and have it all sandwiched and ready to quilt, but then I discovered that I don't have any large pieces of batting left.

(Speaking of, I really need to think of a better way to store/organize my batting.  Shoving it all in a large plastic bag just isn't cutting it!)

So I suppose it is off to JoAnns for me today.  They have batting 40% off this week.  I would really like to get this quilt done this next next week.

My only other issue with it, however, is I have NO idea how to quilt it!  I need to decide, however, because I don;t want this just sitting around while I fail to make decisions.  I could do the typical all over meander, but I really don't think I am feeling that for this quilt.  I thought about doing close-together straight lines vertically, but I'm not sure that's how I want to go, either.  I just don't know.

In other WiP News...

I've also decided to put my bed quilt on the back burner.  I need to find new fabric for it, and I am going to wait until I go back out to Utah in July so I can actually go look at fabric in person.

I also need to start thinking about when to make Christmas Stockings.  I made the Tree Skirt last year, and my goal was to have our Christmas stockings done this year.  So I am adding those to the back burner list, too.  "Back burner" meaning, I suppose, stuff that I want to make in the near future but they are only in the preparation stage.

One other project that I am thinking I need to get started on if I want to get them done in time is a teacher gift for my twins Preschool teachers.  I am thinking of doing embroidered tote bags similar to this one.

Other things I have been thinking about that I want to add to my TO DO list are secrets!  I have at least two ideas for Christmas gifts for people that I need to start deciding on, as well.  But again, I am waiting till I get to Utah to decide on the specifics of those.


WiP's finished - 0

New WiP's - 0
(but thinking of adding teacher's totes this week)
WiP's worked on - 1
#1 - Swoon mini quilt

Wip's NOT worked on:
WiP #2 -Denim Rag Quilt
WiP #3 - Star Baby Quilt
WiP #4 - Pillows

On the back burner:
Bed quilt
Christmas Stockings
Secret gift #1
Secret gift #2

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  1. The border is very pretty! I love seeing pieced borders, but I never seem to do them myself. I really need to try it! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you! I have done pieced bindings before, but this is my first pieced border. I'm loving it so far!

  2. I agree with Pat on the pieced border - it looks fantastic!


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