Monday, May 7, 2012


I finished the quilt for my twins Preschool fundraiser over the weekend.
Fundraiser chair

I'll be honest, I'm not loving it. 

Fundraiser rolled

(Although it does look cute rolled up.)

Fundraiser back

(And I actually love the backing and how the quilting looks from the back.)

Fundraiser full

But then I looked at this picture and everything that I had hoped would "come out in the wash" (literally and figuratively) didn't really. And not only that, but I noticed a huge, ugly mistake with my quilting that I didn't notice before seeing it in this photo.

Can you see it?  It's pretty obvious.
(Hint: look at the right side.)

My friend had just finished a quilt with this same quilting on it, and I thought this quilt was small enough to shamelessly copy do some similar quilting on it without a walking foot. 
Well, it isn't!

(I mentioned before that I had ordered a walking foot with my machine back in December.  For some reason, almost 5 months later, I still don't have it. It is supposedly on back order.) 

You can see how some of the rows shifted during the quilting. 

In general, I am a fan of more dense quilting, but I have been practicing my straight line skills lately, and this one seemed a good candidate to practice on since the fabrics had such a variety of patterns.  I thought free motion quilting would compete with all that. 

I actually like the quilting (I just sewed a straight 1/4 inch line on either side of all the horizontal seams), especially on the back.  I just hate that it shifted and kindof puckered.  And I probably would have picked it out and redone it if I weren't so limited on time to get it done.  Oh, well. 

I also did one of my best machine binding jobs I have ever done on this quilt.  I think I am finally really getting the hang of machine binding, even though I still prefer to hand bind when I have the time. 

So, see?  It didn't turn out all bad.  Let's just say this quilt won't ever land on my "Favorite Quilts" list.

I've also decided that I am kind of done with this pattern.  I chose it because it is extremely simple and easy to do for a fast quilt, but it's also pretty boring.  This is the second time I have used this "pattern" and I added the outer border this time.  I actually like the first version I did of the quilt better. I think because it was more tone on tone fabrics with only one bolder print.  That seems to work better for this pattern.  For me, anyway.

Here are the stats:
I followed this tutorial
Fabric: A variety of Denyse Schmidt Sugar Creek from JoAnns
Quilting: Straight line along the seams, done by me
Started: January 2012
Finished: May 2012


  1. It is a little boring but only because I've seen your other stuff. The binding keeps it pretty cute though. I really really really love the back and must need new glasses more than I thought because I couldn't pick out a flaw.

  2. So pretty - love all of the blue and green fabrics!

  3. Thank you! While I am not in love with it, I have had other people comment on how much they like the colors :)


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