Wednesday, March 21, 2012

WIP Wednesday #2

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

 I wish I could say that I accomplished more this past week, but I didn't.

But considering that we drove from Virginia to Ohio over the weekend with 2 out of 3 kids still sick, I am amazed I got ANYTHING accomplished at all!  We drove significant mileage pretty much every day from Thursday when we left, through Monday when we got home. 

Then, of course, the day after we got home, I had to do some grocery shopping since I had put it off till after out trip.  And the twins went back to preschool after missing the entire previous week due to the horrible stomach flu that is going around out here in the South.  And I had to drive The Hubs to the train station at 7am since we left his car at his work when we left for the trip.

So even though I have been home for almost 2 days now, yesterday was pretty much wasted just catching things up around here. However, I am happy to say that we left all our illness in Ohio and everyone arrived home finally recovered from The Plague, as I took to calling it.

So, which of my WIP's were worked on?  Only two, and neither one got finished. 

I did take my Christmas Tree Skirt on the trip, and did manage to get a start on the binding.  However, I am not even halfway done yet.

Tree Skirt WIP week 2

The only other project I worked on was the boys Spidey Totes.  Obviously, I couldn't really take this one with me, but while I was out shopping yesterday I was able to get some interfacing, so I have been cutting and fusing.

Spidey Totes WIP week 2

I wish I could say that I will have more time this coming week, but things are actually going to be pretty hectic in our family from now until after Easter.  It has made me think that maybe I need to start another project I can take and work on by hand. 

Maybe a Cathedral Window pillow?

Or is it time to try my hand at applique?

WIP Stats
Total WIP's: 6
WIP's worked on this week: 2
WIP's Finished: 0


  1. Ummm...ya...don't ask about my WIP...if I can even call them that anymore. I have half made projects that are sitting in the closet for going on 2, maybe 3, months.mso feel good about the small, but still progressive, work you did today!

  2. Does finally cleaning the bathroom today count as a finished WIP? By the way, that Christmas tree skirt is freaking amazing.


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