Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Cooky #6 - Teen-Time Chocolate Nut Bars

Teen Time Chocolate Nut Bars (pg.13).  I can easily say I didn't care for these.  And not just because I find the title to be somewhat off-putting. 

Of course, we still ate them all because, regardless of this recipe's faults, it still had chocolate in it, right?

However,  I just couldn't tell what these were trying to be. They are supposed to be a bar cookie, yet you melt the sugar and butter together like brownies.  But then you add milk to the melted butter/sugar mixture and boil it, which is most definitely unlike brownies.

And they weren't chewy like brownies, either.  In fact, they were rather...spongy.  And spongy cookies are weird in my world.

Now in fairness, I did do a few things wrong.  First, I stirred the chocolate chips in too soon and they semi-melted in the still-warm mixture.  So these ended up being a swirly bar, with no real noticeable chocolate chips in it. 

Secondly, I baked it in a smaller pan than called for - an 8x11 rather and a 9x13.  That could account for a bit of the sponginess, I suppose.

Still, I wasn't impressed by anything these cookies have to offer.  I won't waste anymore time or chocolate making these again.

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