Wednesday, March 14, 2012

WIP Wednesday #1

I decided to start linking to WIP (work-in-progress) Wednesdays at Freshly Pieced when I opened my (disgustingly messy) craft closet and noticed how many sad, lonely WIP's I have collected! 

This is usually not like me.  As I have said, I try to work on a project fairly consistently until it is done.  However, some way, some how, I seem to have started a little pile of lonelies over the past few months.

I am hoping that being accountable each Wednesday will help push me to finish these projects, especially BEFORE I try to start any more!

So, here, in no particular order, are my little lonelies:

 WIP #1 - Spiderman Totes - This one hasn't actually been lonely.  I bought the fabric this past week and have been working to get them done by next Sunday.  I am making totes for the twins to fill with activities and take to church with them.  I have all the pieces cut out, I just need to get some interfacing before I can sew them up.

 WIP #2 - The Twins Fundraiser Quilt - Obviously, this is the project that is furthest along.  It has been on hold for about a week, because I decided to put a border on it and had to go get some off-white fabric, since the white I had in my stash was WAY too stark.  But I got the fabric, so I should be getting the border on this next week sometime. 

WIP # 3 - Denim Rag Quilt - This has been a long running WIP.  My Husband is very hard on his jeans and goes through them pretty quickly.  A few years ago, when he had a stack that were ripped and stained beyond repair, I decided rather than waste all that denim, I would make a large, picnic-sized rag quilt with it instead.  You know, for 4th of July and other fun times when you just need a big ole' quilt to sit on. 

Above is the stack I have cut out so far.  Cute little pile, isn't it? 

Unfortunately, below is a picture of that cute little stack on top of the huge pile of jeans I still have to cut out.  This one has been on my mind for a bit.  I want to at least get all these jeans cut into 5-inch squares as the next step toward finishing this massive project.  And I want it done soon.
(Big pile of cut up jeans to cup up even smaller.) 

 WIP #4 - Star Baby Quilt - This poor little quilt has been neglected for quite awhile.  There is a story to this quilt.  When my twins were born, they had matching brown and blue star bedding.  Well, when my third son was born, I couldn't bring myself to buy a whole new bedding set when I had two perfectly good ones that weren't being used.  The problem, however, is that neither twin wanted to give up the quilts that went with the rest of the bedding.  So, being the thrifty (read: cheap) mama that I am, I decided to cut apart one set of the bumpers & crib skirt to make a simple, new quilt for Boy #3. 

Problem is, I really don't love the fabrics, and I have had a very hard time finding co-ordinating fabrics to fill it out.  So I was more than happy to shove this little guy to the back of my WIP basket and forget about it. 

Now, Baby Boy #3 is almost 18 months old, and still no quilt.  I figure he will probably be in his crib for maybe another year, so if I want him to have his matching quilt before he grows out of his bedding altogether, I'd better move this project to the top of the pile!

 WIP #5 - SWOON, aka: TBQ - Yes, the quilt that prompted me to even start this blog has been rather neglected, with the pieces of only one square even cut out.  And even then, I think if I counted, I would find that I haven't even finished doing that!  Sad, sad, sad.  I will get back to her, but I really do need to get the Fundraiser Quilt out of my hair before I can pay Swoon the attention she deserves!

WIP #6 - Christmas Tree Skirt.  From LAST Christmas - Yes, my poor Christmas tree skirt that I spent so much time on last fall never even got bound before Christmas.  I still put it under the tree, but I wanted to hand bind it, and with all the gifts I ended up making for Christmas, I just didn't have the time to sit down and do it.  I even thought I would get it done before I packed up all my Christmas stuff, and yet, here it still sits, unbound and lonely. 

But, good news, I am going to Ohio this weekend, and I think I will swallow some Dramamine and see if I can't get her bound on the drive.  So hopefully I will be able to cross her off the list by next week!

So there you are, my sad little pile of lonelies.  Even with traveling this weekend, I plan to get some work done on all of them (except Swoon and the Star Baby Quilt. Sad.)  We are going to celebrate St. Paddy's with my Husband's Irish family.  So, here is to a weekend of green things and sore fingers!

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  1. You have got to get going on your swoon quilt, it is so fun to make those big giant block! I love your choice of Love for the fabrics. One of the first quilts I ever made was a patchwork quilt with Amy Butler's love and it is one of my favorites :)

    Also, you should check out this post on my blog, it might mention you . . .

  2. you have some lovely work going on....good for you

  3. Did you ever finish the denim rag quilt? I'm dying to see it!


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