Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Fabric Love and Other Things

I got my fabric in the mail on Saturday. It was a fat quarter bundle of the entire line of Love by Amy Butler.

First thing I did was separate it out into my initial, gut-reaction yes/no fabric piles.

Obviously, in getting the whole line of fabric, there are going to be some pieces that I don't like as well, or that I just feel won't go with the idea that is my head right now.  (Those are the ones in the pile near the top of the picture, if you can find them among all the clutter on my table right now!)

Then I grouped them into sets of two (because I need 2 co-ordinating or contrasting fabrics per block), and will let them sit together for awhile until I decide if they are playing well together as friends. 

I still need to go get my background material before I can start piecing the blocks together.  AND....I have a feeling I will be ordering a few more bits of fabric before I get everything sorted how I want it.  But that will happen a little later on, after I have started the blocks and see how my fabric combos are coming along.

In other news, I have another, more pressing project that needs to be finished within the month.  My twins go to a co-op preschool.  And because we do not get state funding, we have fundraisers throughout the year to raise the needed money for the school.  Each parent must participate in 2 fundraiser a year to fulfill their obligation, and keep tuition costs down. 

For the current fundraiser that I am participating in, a Spaghetti Dinner, we decided that each parent on the committee would donate a gift basket that could be bid on throughout the evening, with the proceeds going to the school.  So, of course, I donated a quilt.  It will be a small quilt, probably the same pattern as Clover's Patchwork quilt that I did last year, so it shouldn't take much time.  I have to go get the fabric for that, which I plan to get all on sale or with coupons at Jo-ann or Hancock.  Doing that will minimize the cost out-of-pocket, and hopefully maximize the end profit for the school.

So...while still no actual work done yet on TBQ, I am warming to my fabrics and am itching to get to the fabric store!  Unfortunately, getting there is not as easy as it should be, but more on that dilemma later.

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