Friday, January 13, 2012

Cooky #1 - Chocolate Chip

So for my first (OK, technically second) "cooky" (as it is spelled, singularly, in the book), I decided to go with something simple.  The plain, old Chocolate Chip Cookie (page 144).  Partly because I wanted to start with a classic, and mainly because it is what I had all the ingredients for!

My review?  Really good.  In fact, possibly better than my current "go to" Chocolate Chip recipe.  I compared the two, and while they consist of exactly the same ingredients, the amounts of each are different in the two recipes.  The Betty Crocker cookie has more butter/shortening, more sugar and more vanilla.  Honestly, I think it made a difference.  The flavor seemed enhanced in the Betty Crocker version. 

Some small changes I made:  the recipe calls for all shortening, or part butter or margarine.  I was out of shortening and used all salted butter.  I think next time I will try it with half shortening as written, or unsalted butter instead.  I think the salted butter along with the additional 1/2 t. salt called for in the recipe made the salt flavor a little more noticeable than it probably would have been with the shortening.  I also used milk chocolate chips instead of semi-sweet.

I will be making these again.  And probably again and again. 

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