Wednesday, June 5, 2013

WiP Wednesday - I'm on a Roll

I feel like I am on a roll with finishes lately!  I guess that is one good thing about having my husband out of town for a bit - lonely nights lend themselves to lots of sewing (AND lots of mini-series watching - so far I've watched The Forsyte Saga and both the British North and South and the American North and South!)

This past week I finished not only my nephew's quilt, but my son's Toy Story Rag Quilt, as well!  Nice to get those both crossed off the list.

Liam's Jungle quilt.  This is the only photo I have of it so far.  I took a bunch, but for some reason they all turned out blurry.  So this one will have to do until I can take some more.

And here is my son's Toy Story Rag Quilt.  I am actually writing up a tutorial for this one, since baby boy rag quilt searches seem to bring A LOT of people to my blog.  I will post it later this week.

Personalized Boy Rag Quilt

And while I still have a few unfinished projects that I would like to finish, I felt like I was safe to start a new one, especially since the recipient will more than likely be born next month!  This is the stack I pulled out for a quilt for ANOTHER new nephew!  Yes, we like to make boys in this family :)

I will probably get started on this one tonight.

Another WiP (or really, a UFO since I got frustrated and gave up on it last December) that I will finish this week is my sister's Christmas gift.  

I know that sounds terrible, that I never gave my sister her Christmas present, but she was moving at the time and would just have to pack it up anyway, and I knew she was coming out to visit this summer, so we just agreed that I would give it to her when she came for the summer.  Well, she will be here on Monday, so it is time to pull this stack out and tackle it!

WiP's - 2 finishes - 
Toy Story Rag Quilt
Liam's Jungle baby quilt

Worked on: 

 Not worked on:
Upcycyled Tees - 1 of 3 sewn
Denim Rag Quilt - not worked on
Binding found old blanket

New WiPs (or WiPs pulled off the back burner!) -
New Nephew baby quilt
Sister's Christmas present

2013 BOM's & Bees - no progress this week

Sister's 10 BOM blocks - Caught up!!
Virtual Quilting Bee blocks - 4 finished, 3 behind
Applique Quilt -  2 done, March fused but not appliqued, April - June blocks not started

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  1. Keep up the great work! This is fantastic =)

  2. Can't wait to see more photos of the Jungle Quilt. Love the colors!

  3. Your Toy Story rag quilt turned out great!
    Can't wait to see the Jungle Quilt.

  4. Hope you get the quilt for your sister dine up in time!


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