Wednesday, October 24, 2012

WiP #25 - Groundhog Day

I feel like I am repeating the same post from last week, since it is about the same two projects.  However, I did finish one (or the top at least!) and made good progress on the second.  Next week I will definitely have moved on to some new projects, I promise!

I did finish my quilt top last week (and you get an awesome instagram photo of it):
On a side note, I really need to figure out a better set up for my photos.  I've been taking them on my back porch, cause it just seems to get the best light (sometimes).  But I have nothing out there to hang my quilts on to show the full tops.  I just hang them over the side of the rail.  Maybe I will have to have my husband rig up some kind of a line to pin them to when he gets home.
But anyway, back to the quilt, I did go out and get some backing fabric for it, but I am kindof stuck on what to use for binding.  I am thinking the darkest purple color that is in the quilt, but I don't want to do a solid.  Hmmm....decisions!
Of course, once the quilt top was done, I moved on to my Halloween costume.  It is coming together fairly quickly, especially now that I have the sleeves done!
Maybe you can't tell from this photo, but this is one of the finished sleeves.  The rest of the costume is still a hot mess!

This costume has been really easy since I am using knit (don't have to finish any of the raw edges).  And since it is supposed to be a raggy witch dress, I don't even have to hem it!

The hardest part so far as been sewing the casings onto the sleeves to run the elastic through.  And I shouldn't even say that was hard, just more time consuming than anything else, because of having to measure and pin the casing around the outside of the sleeve.

It has also been great practice for sewing on knits!  I've watched/read a couple of tutorials for sewing on knits and have been happy to practice on my costume, since I do want to try a few knit projects for my boys in the future.

Anyway, I have so little left to do, I am pretty sure I will have my costume finished tonight.

And I have added one new project to my Christmas WiP list.  But it is officially the last new item I am adding to the list for the rest of the year!

My Sister-in-Law, who requested doll quilts for my niece last year, requested some more dolly items this year.  I am more than happy to oblige, because I know the items I make for Lizzy (my niece) are used and well-loved!  So I bought some flannel and fleece to make some baby bibs (my Sister-in-Law's request), but that is just not enough, so I am also going to make some baby doll diapers.  And since I am making them for Lizzy, I think I will make some for my other niece, as well. 

WiP's Finished: 0

WiP's Worked on: 2

Christmas Projects:

4 Embroidered Key Fobs (Various gifts)
2 sets of Baby Doll bibs and diapers

Embroidered Tote (Mom's gift)

"Vintage Modern" gift (For my sister, referred to as "Vintage Modern", since she picked out the fabric. The rest, however, is a surprise!)

Secret Gift #2

Possible gifts, if I have time:

Capes for all my boys

Fleece Blankets for all my boys and husband
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  1. I love your quilt top! Such a pretty mix of colors and those large floral fabrics are stunning.

  2. Love that quilt top- I see some of my fave Amy Butler prints shining in there- I love having those in my stash.

  3. Your quilt top is so pretty!


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