Wednesday, October 17, 2012

WiP #24 - And Some Randomness

I wish I had gotten more done this past week. 
I wish I had at least gotten my quilt top done. 
My husband was on a scout camp out Friday night, so I was able to piece all my coin stacks together.  And that was as far as I got until last night, when I squared (rectangled?) up all my stacks so I could sew the sashing on.  And that is what I am doing right now. 
It will be done by tonight, which is perfect, actually, cause I can't do any more on it until I get something to back it with.
Which means I can move onto my Halloween costume, which has seen no progress since last week.
And I can also start on some embroidery.  My mom requested a tote with some embroidery on it for her Christmas gift, so I am going to do a few practice items before I commit to her project.
I have a plain black dishtowel that I am going to add a Halloween pumpkin to, and an old apron that I am going to try to revive with a little embroidery for practice.
JoAnn's had their thread 50% off this week, so I thought it was the perfect time to go and stock up.
Emb Thread
I also worked on my non-sewing project this week, a Halloween barn star.  It's not totally finished, but almost.  I will post a picture when it is done.
I also had a little craft time with my twins and made this:

And, speaking of my twins, they came home from preschool with these for me:
One of the advantages of having twins is that you get double the love when they make stuff for you at school!
Anyway, here are the stats for this week:
WiP's Finished: 0
WiP's Worked on: 1
Christmas Projects:

4 Embroidered Key Fobs (Various gifts)

Embroidered Tote (Mom's gift)

"Vintage Modern" gift (For my sister, referred to as "Vintage Modern", since she picked out the fabric. The rest, however, is a surprise!)

 Secret Gift #2

Possible gifts, if I have time:

Capes for all my boys

A "Minnie Mouse" dress for my niece

Fleece Blankets for all my boys and husband
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  1. Nice coin stacks...beautiful colors...and aren't you blessed to have twins.

  2. Your stacked coin quilt has absolutely scrumptious colours. It looks amazing.


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