Wednesday, October 10, 2012

WiP #23 - Making a List and Checking It Twice

This time of year doesn't leave me a lot of free time. 
For some reason, October seems to be a packed month here at our house.  Between Church obligations (we have our Primary Program in two weeks and I am in the Primary Presidency), my twins school obligations (their fundraiser Bingo is in a month, and I am on the committee), Halloween (Trunk or Treats at both my husbands work and church, plus regular Trick or Treating on actual Halloween night) and my twins birthday 5 days after Halloween, I'm starting to feel the pressure to really get going on any handmade Christmas gifts I plan of making this year. 
But yet, with the pressure mounting, I feel like I don't have nearly enough time to get anything done.  And then before I know it, Thanksgiving is over and Christmas is fully upon me!
Last year, even though I enjoyed our holidays, I didn't feel as prepared as I usually like to be.  I was literally sewing up until the night before the post office deadline to get things shipped before Christmas.  I had carpal tunnel for the entire month of January from all the last minute sewing I did. 
I don't want to do that this year, so these two projects will be my last non-Christmas gift projects I take on this year.    
WiP's worked on this week:
Ellie's Sliced Coin Quilt:
One stack sewn (see it trailing all the way over my ironing board over there?), three to go.  I should have the top done by this weekend.
And my Witch costume is all cut out and ready to go:
Like I said, these are my last non-Christmas projects, so I'm not even going to list my old WiP list.  From now until the end of the year, I will list my Christmas gift WiP's instead.
Christmas Projects:
4 Embroidered Key Fobs (Various gifts)
Embroidered Tote (Mom's gift)
"Vintage Modern" gift (For my sister, referred to as "Vintage Modern", since she picked out the fabric.  The rest, however, is a surprise!)
Another secret gift, which I can't describe at all, since it will be for someone who reads this blog!
Possible gifts, if I have time:
Capes for all my boys
A "Minnie Mouse" dress for my niece
Fleece Blankets for all my boys and husband
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  1. I hear ya! October feels so packed - it snuck up on me. You're better than me though - I still haven't even started thinking about Christmas. You have quite a sizable list - I am sending you productivity vibes. :) I'm stepping in last minute for the pianist in our ward for the Primary Program. I was a little sad, because I always enjoy watching it. Next year my son will actually be in it - scary!

  2. That's an ambitious gift list! I try to keep it to one or two handmade things for Christmas gifts because I have the carpal tunnel problem too.


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