Wednesday, August 15, 2012

WiP #17

So I checked my email last night and got two emails asking to feature two of my post from last week. 

Honestly, it totally made my day!

I didn't start this blog for any other purpose than to have a place to share and talk about my creative side.  So to have others actually reading and appreciating my stuff enough to want to share it?  Kinda awesome :)

The first one was Misty over at Creative Itch.  She chose my pillowcase dresses to feature on "Sew Cute Tuesday".  And truly, if you haven't partied at "Sew Cute Tuesday", you really need to.  It is a great Linky Party dedicated solely for sewn projects.  There are a lot of wonderful projects shared each week.  Definitely one of my very favorite parties to share at!

The second feature request hasn't been posted yet, but it will be on LilSugar.  I will post about it when my featured recipe is posted over there.  Fun!

Anyway...on to one of my favorite things of the week - WiP Wednesday!

I didn't get A LOT of sewing done this week, but I did enough to get all three panels for my Christmas stockings pieced and quilted.  Each panel will make two stockings.  I am making five stockings total.

I decided to do some outline quilting on it, alternating between white and wine-colored thread on each strip.  A little simpler than I initially thought I would do it, but I really like how it turned out.

I have some red and green fabric for the backings and linings that I need to pull out, and then I will move onto the embroidery.  I'm kindof excited to see how these turn out!

That is all I worked on this week, but I am adding another project to my (quickly!) growing list.  My dear friend and cousin, Rachel, is expecting her second baby, and I will be making a baby quilt for her. 

I made a blanket for her son (who was born only 10 days before my youngest son), which is the project that really got me into quilting.  I may have to dig up a picture of that little blanket and post the story one of these days.

The only other thing I did this week that I considered working on a WiP, was doodle.

I am going to use my Swoon mini quilt to branch out a little with my Free-Motion Quilting, and was trying out a few motifs to see which one I wanted to use on it.  I'm thinking the swirls on the far right side.
WiP's finished - 0
New WiP's started - 0
WiP's worked on - 1
Christmas Stockings
WiP's NOT worked on: 6
*ONE Key fob to finish
*ONE dress to finish
Swoon mini quilt
Denim Rag Quilt
Star Baby Quilt
Couch Pillows
On the back burner/not started yet: 4
Bed quilt (Swoon) (fabric purchased)
Secret gift #1 (fabric purchased)
Secret gift #2
NEW - Baby quilt for Baby Girl Barker (fabric and pattern selected)
Possibilities/ Idea Phase: 2
 - dress, matching doll dress, and doll quilt for my niece for Christmas
Patriotic mini/wall quilt

Total = 11 
Linking up to Lee at Freshly Pieced!

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced


  1. Wow, I am seriously impressed with your doodling!

  2. Krysta, I just discovered your blog! It is so cute and I love all of your sewing ideas! I am following you so that I can keep in touch!

  3. Congrats on being featured!! And that is some seriously nice doodling.

  4. Still love how those socks are coming. I can't believe I didn't like that paper when it came out. I'm going to come live by you so that I can play with your boys and you can sew for me. All day.


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