Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Lots of Little Aprons

I have been sewing up a bunch of little apron and chef hat sets.  These are made to fit American Girl and other 18-inch dolls, and I'm sure they would fit a variety of other sized dolls, as well! 

Follow THIS PIN to get the pattern I am using.  It is darling and easy!

The reason I am sewing so many of these up right now (I think I've got about a dozen done and another dozen cut out and waiting for their turn through the sewing machine) is because my sister-in-law makes and sells handmade, doll-sized clay food (You can find her HERE at Ladybug Treats on Facebook).  She did a few boutiques just before the holidays and plans of doing more this year.  So I am making these for her to display and (hopefully!) sell along with her food. 

I will be stocking an Etsy shop with them as well, so that anyone who would like to buy them in the meantime can get them online.

(If you would like to see new stock as soon as it is available, please like my Facebook page!  I post many more photos and details there.)

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