Saturday, March 15, 2014

Project Linus Charity Quilts

Last fall, my Relief Society group did a service project of making and donating quilts and blankets to Project Linus. We ended up donating somewhere between 40-50 blankets, if I remember correctly. 3 of those were my contribution.

The best part about these quilts is that all the fabric was donated! I was visiting my sister in Tennessee and we happened to pull out her (humongous!) tote of fabric to look for a particular quilt top. While digging through, she came across two very large cuts of  rather beautiful batik fabric that she had gotten from her Mother-in-Law a few years back. Her MIL had intended to make quilts out of them, but never did and was going to throw the fabric out when my sister rescued it. 

My sister was more than happy to pass it along to me to turn into quilts for our Project Linus service project.  I decided not to do anything fancy, just whole cloth and machine quilted. I had quite a bit of large sized leftovers that I was intending to make another, pieced quilt top out of, but ran out of time. 

These pictures aren't the best, and really don't do the quilts justice because I took them with my phone, inside, at night, as I was literally running out the door to the activity!

The above photo is the only finished quilt I have a picture of, but the second one was just like it.  The third one was a small, unbound, tied blanket I found in a box last summer.  I threw a binding on it and donated it, also.  The photo below is a glimpse of it as I was binding it.

The most rewarding part of the whole project was when I got an email from the mother of one of the girls that received one of my quilts while at Johns Hopkins.  It was very touching, and so rewarding to know that my service is being received with love and gratitude.  It makes it all worth it.

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