Wednesday, April 3, 2013

WiP Wednesday - Something New

Not much work happened on my WiP's this past week.  Unless you count buying new fabric for some of them (which I totally count!)  But really, I am pretty much caught up on my BOM's and waiting for April's blocks to come out so I can get to work again.

In the meantime, I did start a new WiP that should be fairly easy to finish.  I pulled out my scrap boxes made this Improv Log Cabin block to cover a sad old pillow on my living room couch.
Improv (Wonky) Log Cabin

Even though I have been quilting for a few years now, this is my first improv block, and my first venture into any kind of "wonky" piecing. My natural personality likes things ordered and precise, but I really liked the process of making this block.  I liked picking my fabrics as I went and seeing what emerged from the process.  I definitely see more improv work in my future.
The pillow I am covering is elongated in shape so I need to add some sides to this square in order for it to fit.  I was hoping to use the fabric that was already on the pillow for that, and to use as the backing, but after placing this block next to it, it is obvious that it is just too dull and lackluster.  So I will have to go out and get some fabric before I can finish this up. 

The only other thing I worked on this week is also a new(ish) project.  I am trying my hand at upcycling my husband's cast-off t-shirts into shirts for my three boys.  I have been using Dana's tutorials over at MADE.  So far I just have a few pieces cut out, so not much to show right now. 

I had those on hold for a few days as well, because I had to get thread for my new serger. (I have mentioned before that I live in the middle of nowhere, so I can't just run to the fabric store whenever I need a spool of thread or a little interfacing.  I have to wait until I find the time to make the trip or will be in the area.  Sigh.) 

But back to the topic at hand... yes, I am FINALLY breaking out my new serger...the Christmas gift from my parents that is still sitting in it's box because I have been afraid of opening it!  I am determined to at least get it out of it's box and read the instructions this week, if nothing else :)

So, here is the tally:

WiP's -

*NEW* Improv Log Cabin Pillow - Block made

*NEW* Upcycyled Tees

Baby Boy quilt - not worked on
Love baby quilt - not worked on

2013 BOM's & Bees -
Sister's 10 BOM blocks - current
Virtual Quilting Bee blocks - current
Applique Quilt March block - fused but not appliqued

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  1. Love that improv block! Hope you are able to find some time to work on your kiddos Tshirts.

  2. What a great looking block!

  3. Welcome to the world of improv. It can be pretty addicting. The process is so different than orderly piecing. :) The fabrics are beautiful by the way.


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