Wednesday, January 23, 2013

WiP Wednesday #2 - BOMS Away

So I started two Blocks of the Month this month, one online, The Sister's Ten Modern BOM over at Gen X quilters, and one at my local quilt shop.

This week, I finished my blocks for the Sisters Ten BOM.  It's called Grandmother's Frame.

Sister's 10 Modern BOM - #1 Grandmother's Frame Block

For the quilt I am using mainly Cuzco by Kate Spain, as well as a little Vintage Modern, a few other various Kate Spain prints and a few random fabrics I dug around in my stash for.

Honestly, I'm totally loving my little peacock :)

This quilt seems especially appropriate to be making right now...I am thinking about giving it to my mother, and as I was making this "Grandmother's Frame" block, my own grandmother passed away.  I know I will think of her now every time I look at this quilt.

I picked up the other block for this month on Saturday at my LQS.  It is an applique BOM, and I am waiting to start it until we get back from our trip west for my grandmother's funeral.  My husband is going to build me a light box to use in order to see the applique placement, and obviously won't be able to work on it until we get back.

The progress on my other WiPs were minimal - I did finish unpicking my quilt, and had plans to quilt it this week, but with my grandmother's passing, a lot of things have gotten pushed off until I get back from her funeral.

I also haven't finished my other twins hat, but have it cut out and the eyes appliqued on.  I am taking it with me and will finish it at my mom's house.  They are expecting snow while we are there and I know my boys are going to be thrilled - both to wear their new hats and (more importantly) to play in the snow!  (We don't get a lot of snow out here in No. Virginia, so it's a treat for them.)

So, a short WiP list today.  I have every intention of re-evaluating my WiP's and deciding what I want to make a priority this year.  But that is gonna have to be a February resolution.



  1. I'm doing the sisters ten challenge as well, just haven't started piecing my January block yet, but I LOVE your choice of fabrics!

  2. Sorry about your Grandmother's passing. WIP lists are always subject to review in my book. Pretty use of Kate Spain.

  3. The quilt block is beautiful, so sorry to hear about your Grandmother :(

  4. My Grandma just passed away this past week as well, so I completely understand how you're feeling. :(
    BTW- I love your fabric choices for the BOM


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